Council housing

Site Map

COVID-19: guidance for council tenants about what we’re doing

How we’re looking after council tenants and the employees that carry out our services

Rent payments and arrears

How to pay your rent, check your balance and what to do if you can't pay it

Repairs and maintenance

Report a council housing repair and find out what you're responsible for

Home safety and improvements

Making improvements to your home and keeping it safe. Includes gas, electric and fire safety.

Make changes to your tenancy

How to buy your council home, pass it on to someone else or move into a different property

Living in a flat

Reporting a problem, our caretaking service and information for council leaseholders

Your tenancy

Information on your tenancy agreement

Tenant participation: ways to get involved

Have your say in the way we deliver the housing service.

Report abandoned council house or flat

Let us know if you think a council property has been abandoned or squatted

Guide for new tenants

What happens before and after you move into a council property

Council garages and parking

Find out how to rent a garage, and parking for some council tenants and leaseholders.

Housing officers for council tenants

What a housing officer does, who your local housing officer is and how to contact them

Home contents insurance

Why you need home contents insurance and how to apply for it

Tenancy fraud

Bristol adopts a zero tolerance approach to tenancy fraud.