Residents' parking schemes (RPS)

Residents' parking schemes (RPS)

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Contact residents' parking

Contact us with queries about residents' parking.

Get residents' parking permits

Get residents' permits online so you can park in your RPS area

Get visitors' parking permits

Get visitors' permits online so your visitors can park in your RPS area

Renew your residents' parking permit

What to do if you need to renew your permit

Residents' parking scheme areas

Get maps, costs, and information about the residents' parking scheme that you live in.

Residents' and visitors' parking permits cost

What you have to pay for a residents' or visitors' parking permit in Bristol and how many you can have

Tell us about a change

What to do if you have a residents' parking permit and you've moved house, changed your vehicle or you no longer need your permit

Replace your residents' parking permit

What to do if your residents' parking permit has been lost, stolen or destroyed.

Disabled parking, blue badge holders and carers parking: residents' parking

How to get a disabled bay in a residents' parking scheme , where you can park if you've got a Blue Badge and how to get a carers permit.

Businesses and other organisations

Includes permits for businesses, schools, landlords, and carers.

Visitor and commuter parking in resident parking scheme areas

Information for people visiting someone who lives in an RPS area and those commuting to Bristol.

About our residents' parking schemes

Information on RPS including types of bays and what vehicles can park in them.

Restrictions on parking permits for car free or low car developments

Find out which new development properties aren’t eligible for Residents’ Parking Scheme permits.