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School admissions

Primary and secondary school admissions

School closures

Find out if any schools in Bristol are closed today.

Find a school

Find a school in Bristol.

School term and holiday dates

Find out planned school term dates.

Early years and childcare

Find out about free early education, and other types of childcare.

Special educational needs and disability

Help for parents and carers of children with special educational needs or disabilities

Education outside mainstream schools

Home educating and teaching that's available for seriously ill children and those with challenging behaviour.

Free school meals and school travel support

Find out who is eligible for free school meals or support with travel to school.

Adult courses and learning

Choose from a huge range of day and evening courses, including languages, arts, crafts, computer skills and practical skills like cookery and gardening.

Information for young people in Bristol

Activities, advice, and support for young people in Bristol.

Children in care or previously looked after children

How children in care or previously looked after children can get extra support at school.

School governors

Find out how to become a governor, and get guidance and training if you’re already a governor.

What the council spends on schools

Find out exactly what it costs us to run Bristol’s schools and early years education.

Complain about a school

Find out how to complain about a school or its Headteacher or Principal.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Guide for parents, guardians and carers of a child in school

The government advice for parents, guardians and carers of a child or young person in early years, school or college.